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Quality Systems Web Based Training

Quality Systems Online Computer Based TrainingQUALITY SYSTEMS WEB BASED TRAINING OVERVIEW:

With the PathWise Quality Systems Web Based Training (WBT) Modules you and your team can learn about different pieces of your quality management system, to ensure your product is up to regulations, and meets your customer’s needs. PathWise knowledge-based WBTs focus on terms, definitions, regulations and expectations. ePath is the solution for your on-demand learning needs.

PathWise e-learning and WBT’s include these benefits:

  • Optimize productivity and training time
  • Flexible mobile learning using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • Fulfill new hire and annual FDA training requirements

Choose from the following quality system WBT modules:


Introduction to Investigations and CAPA

This one hour web based training course provides an overview of the Investigations and CAPA system and process. It also highlights the key compliance drivers and regulatory requirements. Investigations and CAPA training is appropriate for all employees involved in the manufacture or support of the biologic, medical device or pharmaceutical industries.This module is also available in Spanish!



Introduction to Technical Writing Principles

Technical writing applies to various types of documents; standard operating procedures, investigations documentation, and validation documentation. This course discusses a high-level understanding of technical writing and why it is important to your business and compliance drivers. Learners will discover key steps in planning and preparing documents.



Introduction to Quality Risk Management

This hour-long web based training (WBT) module is an introductory course designed to help your organization better understand Quality Risk Management. It covers key terms, and what the FDA requires in defining the Quality Risk Management process.



Introduction to Quality Change Control

This hour long Web Based Training module is an introduction to Quality Change Control. It focuses key terms and definitions, regulatory requirements and best practice approaches to support the system. It provides the background for you employees and partners to understand the importance of the Quality Change Control System.



Introduction to Human Performance and Factors

This hour-long Human Factors and Performance web based training discusses a basic understanding of Human Performance.This course is designed to introduce Human Factors and Performance into your organization. We provide an overview of the influences in human factors and performance to systems, organizations, and people.



Inspection Readiness

This three-module web based training course teaches how to prepare for an inspection, what to expect during an inspection, how to manage and inspection and the roles and responsibilities during an inspection. The modules can be assigned independently to different personnel in your organization based on their involvement with inspections. Inspection Readiness training is appropriate for all employees at your site.  Specific modules are designed for those involved in the inspection process or on the inspection team.




Quality Systems Computer Based Training

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